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Activate the influence of social media to drive brand advocacy, deliver results and create engaging customer experiences.

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SSNAPP provides solutions for:

Social SSNAPPshot

Enables you to view your social content from multiple social networks in a centralized location. You are also able to view a social snapshot of both user generated and branded content in one place! Powerful visual insight to help you engage, connect and strategize.

SSNAPP Smart Campaign System

Enables you to develop customized marketing campaigns tailored to your personas with an easy-to-use dashboard. It makes building brand advocacy easy! Some of the features include gamification, incentive contests, #Hashtag campaigns, dynamic surveys and more.

SSNAPP Social Analytics

Enables you to harness your data to create more strategic campaigns using actionable user insight. You will Maximize your ROI with the SSNAPP Social Analytics algorithm reporting features.

With the SSNAPP platform, you will be able to Streamline your social media marketing efforts and create your own Social SSNAPPshot

This provides you with the ability to Aggregate user generated and your brand content into one place using the SSNAPP Social Hub Display.

SSNAPP Smart Campaign System

Is an easy-to-use campaign builder that has robust features that will enable you to create better dynamic marketing campaigns

You can build interactive marketing campaigns easily

SSNAPP gives you the tools to build intelligent social media marketing campaigns directly in the platform. You are able to develop multiple marketing campaigns concurrently to meet your marketing strategy objectives.

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Create dynamic campaigns instantly to encourage engagement of your social audience with your product and services. No need for coding or other technical skills. We put the power of gamification directly in your hands!

Build Brand Advocacy:

Grow and monetize your marketing efforts by empowering users to share your content/campaigns.

User-Generated Content:

Create hashtag campaigns designed to leverage user-generated content to reach your goals!

Dynamic Surveys:

Reward users for responding to your survey. Use creative incentives to collect customer data.

Employee Motivation:

Incentivize your employees to participate in internal campaigns to promote corporate culture

Measure and optimize your social media marketing campaigns

Consistently monitor campaign efforts to stay on top of budget and demonstrate ROI.

SSNAPP Social Analytics gives you actionable insight into your social media marketing activities using quantifiable data that measures and analyzes campaign results. This provides you peace of mind.


We work with global brands across every industry

We help marketers deliver outstanding results across all verticals. Don’t just take our word for it….

SMGs ssnapp, provided our organization with the technological advantage to monetize our fan base through all social network connections. We have had tremendous success in using the gathered data to expand our fan base, establish new partnering brands and grow our community business connections. – Shawn Tilger, Senior Vice President of Operations Philadelphia Flyers

Shawn TilgerCOO @ Philadelphia Flyers

This brings social media to a new level. You are not only contacting consumers with a product/promotion, but you are able to reward and involve them in the entire process, and at the end able to evaluate the results to see what worked and did not work.

Fred Tull, DirectorDirector of Sales @ Pepsi Bottling Ventures (PBV)

Forbes magazine reported that “Elf Yourself is the greatest holiday digital execution of all time.” – Producer Of OfficeMax Elf Yourself Rock Fraire – “We partnered with Social Media Gateways because their ssnapp solution represents the best complete engagement solution and represents the future of social marketing.”

Rock FraireProducer Of OfficeMax Elf Yourself

SSNAPP has really helped us understand our customers better. By using SSNAPP we are able to segment our customers accordingly which helps with our marketing efforts as far as targeting the right audience at the right time.”

Paul MasseyVP of Salesr @ Fuzzy's Vodka

Customer Success Stories

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa Case Study

Philadelphia Flyers


Fuzzy Vodka

Elf Yourself Case Study

Explore some of our features

Discover, Engage, Analyze and Convert your Audience

A social relationship tool for companies to create their own branded community

  • Aggregate all your social feeds in one
  • Customize your Branded Community
  • Design, build and deploy branded, immersive experiences

Provides brand with the ability to create smart surveys with gamification

Create sharable surveys accross platforms
Add points or business defined currency to answers
white label your entire survey experience

Sharable Surveys

Create sharable surveys and let your audience share them across platforms

Smart Survey Gamification

Add points or business defined currency to answers to increase participation

Customize your surveys

white label your entire survey experience

Customizable Leader boards and Points systems

Visually display where users stand in regards to other users and provides a means by which users can track their performance.

Understand your company’s audience with a level of detail and accuracy

Divide a broad target audience from your social media channels into subgroups you can re-target and re-market to

Target Segements

Identify your audience behaviors and what motivates them

Easily create Smart#Hashtag™ campaigns

to Discover, Engage, and Recognize your customers and employees in real-time for their online social achievements

Aggregate and Reward

Your audience for user generated content of your brand

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Business Edition

  • SSNAPPshot Social Hub
  • SSNAPP Smart Campaigns
  • Gamification
  • SSNAPPshot monitoring
  • SSNAPP Engagement Reporting and Analysis
  • Influencer/Advocacy Tracking Analysis
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Professional Edition

  • Business Edition Features plus
  • White Label Branded Community
  • Customized Leaderboards
  • Customized Business Defined Currency
  • Influencer/Advocacy Tracking Analysis
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Branded Community and Engagement Behavior analysis
  • Salesforce API Interface
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Enterprise Edition

  • Custom design Branded Community
  • UGC Smart Campaigns
  • Community Monitoring Predictive Analysis
  • Business Internal System Custom API
  • Engagement Predictive Analytics
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